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ALPKIT - Outdoor Gear » Fringe

Happy New Year 2019

Year in the life of the Fringe 2018

ALPKIT - Outdoor Gear » Fringe

PopUp Fringe 2: on the night

29th November 2018, 7:30pm - 9:30pm

ALPKIT - Outdoor Gear » Fringe

November: PopUp Fringe 2

29th November: Hathersage Hall Business Centre

ALPKIT - Outdoor Gear » Fringe

PopUp Fringe: Art

Hope Valley Fringe Event

ALPKIT - Outdoor Gear » Fringe

Haiku Winners: Fringe 2018

Adult entries...

Beyond the Fringe...

Help us make the Fringe bigger and better.

Hope Valley Fringe: Saturday 27th April 2019

New date for the Fringe!

Hope Valley Fringe 2019

New date: 27th April 2019

ALPKIT - Outdoor Gear » Fringe

Hope Valley Music Fringe:

Memorial Hall, Hathersage. 7:00PM to 11:30pm

Song of the Earth

Holding Hands

Song of the Earth: Allotted Time


Hope Valley Fringe: Bring on the literature!

Our Relationship with Earth